Just what the doctor ordered

Physician Benefits

  • Improve medication adherence/compliance
  • Prescribe via your current e-Rx system or fax
  • 1-click refill authorization via Phil’s dashboard
  • Fewer patient calls enquiring about refills
  • Simplified prior-authorizations
  • Easy access to compliance reports
  • Dedicated concierge and access to pharmacist for all script-related questions
  • Zero cost to physician

Patient Benefits

  • Free home delivery of medications
  • Phil troubleshoots insurance issues
  • Same copay, and low cash prices
  • Streamlined refill requests
  • Personalized Rx management portal
  • Easy one-minute signup
  • 7 days a week/365 days a year Customer Service
  • Zero cost – service is 100% FREE

How It Works


Send Rx to Phil

MD office sends the prescription to Phil (via e-Rx or fax). Prescription is received by a top-rated independent pharmacy closest to the patient.


Local Independent Pharmacy Fills Rx

Pharmacy fills prescription and runs insurance. Patient enters their delivery address and pay the standard copay via the Phil app.


Rx is Delivered to Patients

Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to the patient, monthly, on time, in discreet packaging. Delivery is free.

To learn more, email us at physicians@phil.us or call 855.977.0975. To enquire about working with Phil, please complete the form below.

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Over 8,000 doctors in all major states are prescribing to the fast-growing Phil network